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Saturday, September 8, 2012


Holy jinjos! A whole new episode!!
Well, you asked for it, and here it is!

Wow, it felt a bit strange getting back into retro-gaming mode after all this time! Filming inside the Virtual Boy was pretty darn challenging! Holding the camera in one hand and trying to play the game with the other. If you're looking for a gaming challenge, try it some time!

In other news, I (FINALLY!!!) finished Xenoblade a couple of days ago. Only took me a bit over a YEAR! Excellent game, but man, it's huge! Something like 86 hours was my final playtime, and I didn't even come close to completing everything. Now I'm on to Epic Mickey, and contrary to my initial disappointment in the game last year, I'm actually enjoying it quite a lot. The camera SUCKS though.

Of course, I played through New Mario 2 on 3DS. Fun game and all that, but yeah, it just feels like Nintendo's going through the paces. After the upcoming Wii game I think it might be time to put the "New Mario" franchise to bed and think of something... eh... new"er"...

I'd also highly recommend Theatrhythm for any Final Fantasy fans out there. Lots of old-school nostalgia wrapped up in a fun little rhythm game. Kid Icarus is fun too, but I can't play more than a level at a time without my poor hand cramping up.

If anyone else is interested in where I got my Starfox cart from, check out the website
They're doing a brilliant service to the retro gaming community! (A pricey service, to be sure, but a good one!)

So... Any ideas what games will be in the next episode? (There'll be 2 games) There is a little clue hidden in this week's video. ;-)