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Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Welcome once again, retro lovers! Played any good games lately? Perhaps some of these...?

I'm not sure if anyone's noticed, but the music playing in the background at the end of these "catch-up" episodes always gives a hint of what's to come next time. Any ideas, gamers...? (All I'll say is there'll be a couple of Super N.E.S. games in the next video)

I also just noticed a disturbing trend... Since I started these additional videos, they have been steadily getting longer... Yikes... Well, here's this week's results anyway...

I've got my WiiU all pre-ordered and my Wii-motes are all itching to go on the 30th! From what I've played at the demo store, the three "chasing" games in NintendoLand are going to be awesome for party group play. Not sure how long the other games will last, but eh, whatever. It comes free with the console.

Monday, November 5, 2012


And the catch-up continues!

Any memories of these games to share?

In other gaming news, I'm kinda being owned by a game that I really wasn't intending to play much; I saw a brand new copy of Super Mario 64DS on eBay for $17, so I thought "why not?" I never got the game originally, knowing that the game's controls really wouldn't work properly without an analogue stick. Well, now I've got a 3DS I can use an analogue stick, so I thought I'd give it a try. And hey, the price was right.
Ironically, this means that what's most likely my very last Nintendo DS game is the game that launched with the console!

So, even though I know Mario 64 practically back-to-front, I'm enjoying discovering all the subtle little changes that were made in this upgrade. It's cool having different characters instead of different hats, but unlocking them and swapping between them is pretty convoluted.

The controls are really driving me nuts though! Yes, I can use the analogue stick on the 3DS but it's still just digital controls. Having to hold down the Y button to run is so annoying! And I'm sure they've made the camera even worse than it was in the original, especially since it's now such a pain to adjust it!

Apart from my hatred of the controls, I'm still going back to it time and time again. I suppose that's a good indicator of a game that's stood the test of time.


That's me playing a WiiU yesterday! :-) I've already got mine pre-ordered. Bring on the 30th!!