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Monday, March 28, 2011


Do you like my PAL Final Fantasy IV box mock-up?  ;-)

Anyways, here's this week's video. It's not only about FF4, but about the whole Final Fantasy series in general. Enjoy!

And how did the first big Super Nintendo fare in the 21st century?

And for your amusement, here is a Final Fantasy-inspired Dorkly video. It's hilarious. (Has some moderate language if there's kids or bosses around)


So here's an idea to open up a can of worms: What is the best Final Fantasy game and why? For me personally, the series' Renaissance was between FF6 and FF9. I found FF10 and FF13 to be pretty disappointing (still good games, but definitely not my favourites) and FF12 to be a fantastic, although very uncharacteristic entry in the series. As for FF11... well, Irvyne was a resident Hume in Vana'diel for over 3 years, so I guess that counts for something... I've only played FF14 very breifly, so can't really give an opinion on that yet. FF4 and FF5 are good, and the earlier games are fairly bland, but still surprisingly playable. I've played through all of the first three games in the last couple of years, and enjoyed them all, much to my surprise.

Monday, March 21, 2011


I thought it would never arrive! At last, I'm up to playing the Super Nintendo library! Out of the 50 games featured in this week's episode, how many have you played?

Apologies for the sniffly voice, I had a blocked nose when I recorded this week. Here's the lowdown for the three Super NES launch games:

Next week I'm going into the land of chocobos, moogles and summoners: Final Fantasy. See you then!

Sunday, March 20, 2011


In celebration of Super Mario World, and the introduction of Yoshi, here's something to tickle your funny bone. :-D

Sunday, March 13, 2011


It feels like I've been playing this week's games forever!

The best Mega Man and the worst Metroid? Possibly. It's just a shame that Metroid II couldn't get a fully-blown remake... Wait a minute...

Really looking forward to that being completed... Whenever that will be... So this week's games stand thusly...

I'd be interested to hear from anyone who really loves Ecco the Dolphin. I still feel like it's a game that I SHOULD love. I just couldn't though. Makes me wonder what the game would have been like if a company like Nintendo had created it. More fun, most likely.

Into the new generation next week! Can't wait!

Friday, March 11, 2011


Bleugh, it's amazing how quickly life can get ridiculously busy and some commitments begin to fall by the wayside. I've finished one game from this week, but the other two are still pretty early in their playthroughs. Thankfully it's a long weekend so I might be able to catch up.

I bit the bullet and pre-ordered a 3DS. (JB Hi Fi has them for $50 less than RRP, minus money I'll get for trading in old DS, so it's not that bad) The launch titles are so terrible though, I'm not getting any games for it! I reckon Pilotwings will most likely be my first 3DS game. I hear it's pretty good.

Thursday, March 3, 2011


From the longest episode to the shortest. Heh. Last week I debated whether or not Battletoads' difficulty should count against it when deciding its current "standing" status. Pretty much ditto for Shadow Warriors. It's a fun game, but it's too hard, and not in a "good challenge" kind of way, but in a "evil demented unfair" kind of way.

The Super Nintendo is looming ever closer on the horizon. (My all-time fave console) I can't wait to start playing the Super games, especially the ones I might have missed in the past.

Here are this week's games:

Toodles. :-D