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Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Wow. For the first time since I started, it actually took me more than a week to play through the games! Admittedly, three of these games were completely new to me, and Faxanadu is pretty epic. Now I'm back at work it's getting tougher to find time to play and/or update the blog, so things might be slowing down. Looks like the next bunch of games are fairly short or basic though, so that's a good thing. Without further ado, here's Episode 10, bringing the total number of games played this year up to 30. Enjoy! :-)

Could it be...? Every game this week stood the test of time? Well, yeah. Just. I definitely enjoyed some of them more than others. But they all still play well and I never got bored, so that definitely goes in their favour.

And that brings the total amount of games I have played through this year to 30. Wow. Thirty games! And it's only just February! How about that! I hope some other people are pulling out their old games and playing them as they see them approaching on the list. (Remember, a link to the complete list is up the top-right of the blog)

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