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Monday, March 21, 2011


I thought it would never arrive! At last, I'm up to playing the Super Nintendo library! Out of the 50 games featured in this week's episode, how many have you played?

Apologies for the sniffly voice, I had a blocked nose when I recorded this week. Here's the lowdown for the three Super NES launch games:

Next week I'm going into the land of chocobos, moogles and summoners: Final Fantasy. See you then!


  1. I see all the hard work that you are doing with almost zero comments and feel badly for you. Please understand that that does not mean people are not enjoying your efforts. I just spent a few hours catching up from the beginning and enjoyed all your vids immensely. please keep it up.


  2. Ah, fantastic. Yeah, sometimes I wonder if anyone's bothering to watch. That's why I put the counter up the top of the page, so I can rest easy knowing that the efforts are actually being appreciated. Thanks for watching. ^_^

  3. I like your videos, they really play to my nostalgic side. i'm also happy that you seem to be getting some success and recognition through game trailers. . .but i have one thing that totally irritates me about your reviews, even though this could be seen a strength. .

    while I love that your opinion comes off as personal, it lacks objectivity. . .i sense that you try to judge the games on today's standards, i often find that i flat out disagree with your reasoning and on what you actually determine what is good/fun.

    as a critic you fail, as an entertainer you pass.

    i still want to encourage you though. keep on keeping on.