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Saturday, October 29, 2011


Hey again. Only me.

Let's see some of the headlines in Issue 15...
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This idea kind of reminds me of the Wii Remote and Classic Controller. Sure, technically it's wireless from the console but it still has to be tethered to the transmitter. Interesting that wireless gaming just didn't take off in the 16-bit era... Or the 64-bit era, for that matter.

In retrospect, this just seems ridiculous. It's amazing how across the decades people continue to be wowed by the simple phrase "3-D." From what I can gather from this article, the ONLY innovation in this "amazing" new idea is that the controller has two extra buttons. Whoop-di-doo! Besides which, I'm pretty sure playing Street Fighter and having to worry about which plane-of-depth you're currently on wouldn't be a lot of fun... It was annoying in LittleBigPlanet.

I got a laugh out of this. Imagine it! They used to print games hints on PAPER! LOL!

Poor Starfox 2. It seems unfair that it never got the release it was made for. Also some early hummings about ratings on games. I suppose titles like Mortal Kombat made people stop and say, "Wait a minute..."

This ia a great read right here. It's funny how many of the people try not to offend anyone by saying "No comment" to the worst game of the year. I also found it hilarious that the Ocean guy described Jurassic Park's interior level graphics as "smooth." ROFL!

So, there you have it once again. Hope that was an entertaining read. I'm still undecided whether or not I'll play all the way through Soul Blazer. I'm actually enjoying it, but these darn RPGs take up too much time! We're almost in November, time is precious!! I'm also eh... playing Batman... Can't help it, it's too awesome. Xenoblade has been temporarily shelved. I'm about 20 hours into it, but I think I need to wait until all the retro gaming is over so that I can really put some time into it. It doesn't seem to work that well as an occasional game.

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