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Friday, November 18, 2011


And thus concludes the Mega Man saga on the N.E.S...

I've only got one more N.E.S. game to play this year now.
Here's a can of worms to open... Mega Man 1-6... Which is the best and why?
I'm pretty sure I'd have to say MM3. Although I have a soft spot for MM4 as well... Maybe that's just because they used my Robot Master...

That's also the final Castlevania that I'm playing this year. Phew! There was one more 16-bit game released, which was the Super N.E.S. "Vampire's Kiss" kind-of-remake of "Rondo of Blood." But I don't think I need to play that.

Very excited about "Zelda Skyward Sword" and "Mario 3D Land" coming out (on the same day!) on Thursday. I've made the executive decision that I'm going to get Zelda first. So by next week the retro gaming might begin to slow down just a little bit... Usually when a new Zelda game comes out it owns my soul for a week or two, and I've heard this new game is one of the greats. Can't wait!

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