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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

You know something great about Solar Jetman? You can find it on eBay pretty darn cheap.

You wanna know something NOT cheap on eBay?

I know what you're thinking. No, this game was NOT ever released in PAL. This isn't a real box. (From what I understand, the real NTSC box was massive like Mario Paint) Have you seen the prices on eBay for a complete boxed copy of Earthbound?? It's absolutely insane. Even the cost of a boxless cartridge is ridiculous. There's probably been more money spent buying used copies of this game on eBay than there was spent on the original run! Because I wasn't keen on emptying out my entire bank account, I just put two and two together. I bought a single cart, and also bought a "reproduction" box and manual, and voila! My own legitimate-looking copy of Earthbound! ^_^

I finished The Last Story last night. It's a good game, definitely one of the better RPGs I've played lately, but it's still not as good as I WANTED it to be. I never really enjoyed the combat system much, and while the plot and characters are pretty good (I loved Syrenne... never really seen a character like her in an RPG before) it still fell into so many cliches of the genre on a number of occasions, which had me rolling my eyes. Since Sakaguchi and co. left Square-Enix, neither the company or the man have managed to hit the heights that they used to hit when they were together. Perhaps the Final Fantasy VI -> IX "golden age" will forever be the height of that genre's achievements.

So now I'm on to Sonic Generations (only got a few more levels to go. It's decent, but still not as good as Sonic 1-3) and Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep (is the plot of this series supposed to make ANY sense? It's been a long time since I played Kingdom Hearts 2 and it feels like this game is speaking another language to me) with an additional smattering of Kameo. (I really can't say I've enjoyed this game much at all, but since I've only got one dungeon left to go, my OCD side is demanding that I slog through to the end)

I also JUST started playing the next couple of "missed" retro games today! Hooray! They both seem relatively short so hopefully there'll be a new episode up in the next week or two.

Stay cool! :-)

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