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Thursday, May 30, 2013


Hi all. I haven't made the next video yet. (There will be 2 games in the next vid, and I'm halfway through playing the first one, so I'm afraid it won't be uploaded for a while...)

In the meanwhile, have you seen this guy yet? Dude is my HERO. (Love how tolerant his cat is too!) ^_^

I can legitimately walk through a video game store these days and say, "There's nothing here I want to buy." I still have, of course, the big pile-of-shame that needs to be systematically played through. There is a danger to all of this though... I pre-ordered something at EB yesterday... Something that threatens to suck away all available hours of my day...

I spent over 3 years as a citizen of FFXI's Vana'diel, and watching the trailers for the remake of FFXIV, I can't help but get really excited about it. I actually own the original P.C. version, but I honestly didn't get a chance to play it much. My computer is waaaay underpowered for modern-day graphics, even with all the bells and whistles switched off, so I only really tried it out of curiosity. What I played was okay, but not to the same level of enjoyment and immersion as FFXI.

From what I've been hearing, the last couple of years tweaking and redesigning have paid off and FFXIV is pretty darn cool to play now. Looking forward to the end of August! :-)

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