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Sunday, November 24, 2013


So who's got this yet?

I was very nervous about a direct sequel to one of my all-time favourite games (see Episode 19) but it's stunningly good. Best use of 3D I've seen on the system, pity help the poor sods who just shelled out for a 2DS...

Sure, it kinda feels like an expansion pak (as does Batman Arkham Origins, another game I'm playing through at the moment) but gee, it's sucked me right in as only a Zelda game can. So, so good.

A-hem... Where were we? Retro gaming? Yes. That's right. I've just finished redesigning "The List" page (thanks Eric Marguns for the reminder) to make it a bit neater and include all of the "catch-up" games I've been doing.

Clever clogs who have a look at the list will be able to see a couple of little nuggets I've slipped in there as well. They might notice that I've already written in the next 2 games to feature in the upcoming video (probably a week or two away, I'd say) as well as empty placeholders for the remaining games after that. What will they be...? Can you guess...? ;-)

The new consoles are out... Hooray... (sarcasm) Personally I couldn't care less. All the games are bleugh. I've got more than enough gaming with Zelda this week, Mario 3D World next week, as well as the thousand other games I'm currently playing.

Happy gaming all!

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