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Saturday, February 22, 2014


I just deleted all of the files that I'd kept for making the videos off my computer.
Kinda felt like a big deal. That "Retro 2011" folder had been there since late 2010.
I did save it all on to an external hard drive. You never know when you might want a backup. But yeah, it's all gone now. It feels freeing and a little bit sad at the same time. It had to be done.
Meanwhile, I went ahead and bought Donkey Kong Country 5. Holy Mother of Cranky Kong, is this game hard! Retro Studios didn't shy away from the old-school challenge. I thought that the previous game was a bit too cruel, and I was expecting them to backpedal a bit, but I think they've gone in the opposite direction and made it even harder!
I haven't quite decided what I think about that yet. I don't like games to be too EASY, but when you have to spend 15+ lives just to get past a single boss by learning all of its patterns, I begin to wonder when "fun" becomes a "chore."
Speaking of challenge, I haven't yet got all of the stars / stamps / flagpoles in Mario 3D World yet. I'm a bit scared, since I've heard what the final level is like... I still have nightmares about that Grand Master Galaxy in Mario Galaxy 2. By the sounds of it, this is similar. And I don't think I WANT to go through that pain again... We'll see...
What are you playing at the moment?



  1. Got Tropical Freeze myself, though have yet to get a chance to dive into it. Only finished Mario 3D World last week, but like you, have yet to get to all the stars. I heard the final levels are truly punishing.

    Still playing through Rayman Legends at the moment, and only beat ZombiU the week before that. I only got the WiiU in December, but I'm having the most fun playing games since the N64/Playstation era!

    1. It's a great little system, isn't it?
      It seems sad, pretty much everyone who owns one loves it, aside from the small number of games. I'm hopeful Mario Kart and Smash Bros. might lift the sales up enough that companies start making games for it again.

  2. I am playing Tropical Freeze, too. Brilliant but hard game, i love it. The Wii U is a great console with few great games. (have to complete Mario 3d world next).
    I have to thank you for your wonderful blog. Enjoyed every second of reading and watching. It's a pity that it's over.
    From time to time i play retro games myself. Finished Mario64 2 months ago. It brings wonderful memories to life playing old games from my childhood (the mega drive, super nintendo, n64 era)

    1. You are most welcome! :-)
      Mario 64's aged a bit (the camera particularly) but man, it's still so much fun to play! It's just one of those ageless classics. I was trying to explain to my nephews a while ago, what it was like to see Mario running around a 3D space for the first time, and how absolutely mind-blowing that was. I don't think we've had a culture-jump in the games industry of that size since then.