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Monday, August 3, 2015


My retro-loving friends, I am a very happy man today. FINALLY, my collection of Super Play magazines is complete!
:-) :-) :-)

Super Play was - and is - the greatest 16-bit magazine ever created. But during the actual era, I only ever managed to collect 20 out of the 47 issues.

Over the last 5 or 6 years I have been keeping an ever-watchful eye on eBay, occasionally snapping up one of the issues I didn't own (and paying top-dollar for some of them...)

Now I have the complete set. So happy. So proud. If you'd like a reminder on how awesome this magazine was, click to the right to find some of the "Super Play Corner" posts I did on this blog.

(You can click on the images for a closer look)

In other news, I actually bought myself a Mega Drive! :-o
 I've been creating a sweet retro setup which I hope to show sometime in the near future, but I fear that my current house isn't big enough for it! >_< (Time to find a new house!)

Stay cool, people. :-)


  1. Hey Irvyne, remember me? Do you still play and collect your retro games? Do you plan to ever return to youtube? I am currently rewatching the year of retrogaming and it was so good. I recently restarted my own retro game collection (because i sold all my games, due to a lack of money while studying) and wanted to know if you are on any social media? Contact me if you like, and if you are still around. I am on instagram as "zackdufois" bye

    1. Sure do remember you! How's things? I definitely still play/collect retro games. A couple of days ago, I FINALLY finished Mega Man Legends... Can you believe I got up to the final boss in that game like 15 years ago and it was so hard, I have up? Well I finally started again from scratch. The stupid boss was still hard, but I gave it four attempts and finally beat him. Woohoo! Now I can finally start on the sequel. <_<

      I'm not on Instagram unfortunately. All the best. There are hopefully going to be a couple of "mini-videos" coming to this blog in the next month or two. :-)