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Tuesday, December 20, 2016


Hello out there in Blogspot Land!
Anyone there? (there...? there...? there...?)
Echo! (echo... echo... echo...)

Ah, I don't care. I've just done something I've been wanting to do for a looooong time.
I've gone all George Lucas on The Year of Retro Gaming Episode 2 and redone it!

I can sympathise with Mr. Lucas, I really can. I know some people didn't like the changes he made to the Special Editions, but I would cringe and wince every time I looked at the early episodes of my video blog. They were ameteurish and embarrassing.

So here... for your viewing pleasure, is the nice new and shiny Episode 2!

In the coming week(s) I will be giving Episode 3 the same treatment, so if you want to see it in all its horrible original glory, check it out soon before it's gone forever!

That's all I'm going to remake. Episode 4 was the Zelda episode, and while it's still pretty basic, I'm quite content with it. It's really only Episode 2 and 3 that have had be twitching with embarrassment.

In other news, I (somehow) managed to snag myself an N.E.S. Mini without pre-ordering! Which is crazy! I know that they're practically impossible to find all over the world. It's a super-cool little item, but (apart from the well-documented cord length, which is absolutely ridiculous) my only gripe is that there's no expansion port. How hard would it have been for Nintendo to release a little game card thing next year, that could be plugged into the N.E.S. Mini to unlock 30 other games? What a missed opportunity. (sigh)

Most of the games are good, but some of them seem like such wasted real estate. I could definitely do without Tecmo Bowl or Ghosts & Goblins. And why bother taking up a slot with Mario Bros. when you can play it WITHIN Super Mario 3?

People are already discussing a Super N.E.S. Mini which would be AWESOME, but 30 games would not be enough. I would find it hard to break the Super N.E.S. down to the 30 best games. We'll have to wait and see, I suppose.

Happy gaming, everyone! I doubt it will be long before I'll be back here with the remake of Episode 3! :-)

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