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Wednesday, December 29, 2010


I got a jump-start on 2011 so that I could fit in more retro gaming goodness! So the first week's games have been played and I've given my impressions of them in the following video...

I've also come up with a scoring system for the games. If the game "stands" that means it has stood the test of time. If it "sits" that means it is beginning to show its age. If it "falls" that means it's really not worth playing. At all. This week's results are...

So have you played any of these games recently? Why not give them a go and add some comments to the blog? This coming year will be more fun if I've got others reliving the past along with me. :-)


  1. I love the NES sports titles. Golf is pretty awesome, but I also quite enjoy Tennis. :D

  2. Yeah, got fond memories of Tennis. It's going to be the first game for next week!