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Sunday, June 12, 2011


Finally! Sorry it's taken so long to upload this week's vid, but it's been a pretty busy and stressful time. (If you know any teachers, ask them what report-writing time is like...) That, and also my computer has just been doing weird stuff. When I finally rendered this video out, it appeared without sound. For no understandable reason at all. It took quite a while, but I figured out a roundabout way to get the sound included. Stupid computers. <_<

Here are the outcomes...

So in the next week (or two!) I'll be once again playing through the Fantasy that is Final. It's no small game, so I'll try my best to be quick. I did get around to completing Heavy Rain (that was quite amazing!) and I just recently got Kirby's Epic Yarn, which I'm loving. It's totally old-school, presented in a whole new way. I hope it won't take too long to play through FF5. 'Til then, stay cool and happy gaming!   :-)

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