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Sunday, September 25, 2011


While I continue playing through Zelda 4 (it's been a very busy week... sorry, not very far into it yet...) you can entertain yourself by reading some more entertaining news from Issue 12 of Super Play!

Now let's get some highlights from this mag, shall we? We shall. (As always, click the picture to view it full-size)

This is kinda silly, but I still found it amusing. ^_^

A couple of interesting stats there.

Sometimes I get a bit of a slap in the face and realise how much time has actually passed since I was a teenager. The idea of a gaming help line on the telephone is just laughable now. The internet really has changed the world. A LOT. But back then ringing these guys was just what you did when you were stuck on a game and you couldn't find help in any of your magazines.

Hope you enjoyed abother little trip down memory lane. I hope to have the next episode up in the next few days. Not sure how much game-playing time I'll get, but at least it's school holidays now. Sleep-ins FTW!!!

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