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Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Here it is, the final hurrah.
Not really much to say that isn't already in the video.

NB. Apologies for the weird glitch at around the 5:30 mark. Strange... No idea why it rendered out like that.

Thanks once again for visiting the blog and for those who left feedback. It makes all the effort worthwhile when you know people are watching. I may update again in a few days time to finish off the Super Play Corner, but apart from that, this is the end of the Year of Retro Gaming blog... for now, anyway.

Happy gaming everyone!


  1. Woooo. I am not ashamed to admit that I threw my hands up like Rocky when I get the mention for SJM :) If you make it to Washington DC hit me up and I'll buy you a pint!

    And don't even think about quitting the videos. I think we'd all be happy with once a month or even bi-monthly.

  2. Haha, thought you might get a buzz out of that. ^_^

    I'll be visiting on either side of the east coast. I'll wave out of the plane between Orlando and NYC. ;-)

  3. Wonderful job all around Irvyne. I loved every single video and almost every one brought back memories, either from playing the games, to reading about them in Nintendo Power, to friends and the days before the internet. Thank you for showing me Secret of Mana 3 (I don't know how to spell it's Japanese game) and Terragnima. You have me so convinced on how good these games are that I'm looking into making my own repo carts of them.

    Thank you once again for all the amazing work you did. Take some rest, hope to see you make your videos and take all the time you need to rest and to make any video's, even if its one a year.

    Also Pokemon, just the first. Thanks lol.

  4. I'm not that big on writing blog comments, although I should know better, being a blogger myself and knowing about the motivational boost a comment causes. And yet, today, I just have to write something.

    And that 'something' is: Thank you!

    Although I've progressed to the X-Box 360 and do enjoy modern games, there's still something about retro games that makes them stand out for me. One might call it nostalgia. Now, you might not be the only one covering that topic on the web, but you are certainly among the very best!
    Not only is the scope of your project enormous and you can feel very proud for finishing it, albeit late, but the love and attention to detail, and especially the very thoughtful and argumentative style, building upon previous episodes and providing an overall context, really fascinated me.
    I myself discovered your project rather late within your 'advanced year' so to speak, but it didn't take me many days to watch the entire backlist and move on to waiting for each new episode.
    A final bonus might be your PAL region, since I am from and still live in Germany and the quarrels gamers in both countries went through do sound quite alike. Seiken 3 … god did I long for that one.

    But all those are just many words to complicate a simple thing to say: Thank you very much for this awesome project!

    From time to time, I do feature web shows that I like to watch on my blog, although it's not the topic I usually focus on, and the next time I get around to do that, I'll devote an entire article to this project, too. It'll be in German, but I'll let you know once it's on anyway, if you like.

    And last but not least: Have a good trip around the world!
    Video games are awesome, but this thing called the 'real world' can easily manage to make them pale nevertheless ;)

    Thomas Michalski

  5. Thanks so much for the feedback guys. Very much appreciated. :-)

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