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Sunday, July 31, 2011


Welcome back, one and all.

Let's see what the news was in February / March of 1993.

First up, an interview with the creator of Bubsy, a supposedly amazing new game franchise that was getting close to its release.

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It's interesting that the creators had massive ideas for Bubsy. They clearly wanted him to be as big a star as Mario or Sonic, and for a while the gaming press began to think that perhaps this was an achievable goal for the wise-cracking bobcat. As we know in hindsight, Skeel's plan of an entire Bubsy universe didn't exactly pan out how he wanted it to. I'll be checking the game out in a few weeks to see how it plays in this modern day.

(Click the image to see it full-size)
The Super Nintendo C.D. R.O.M. saga continues... I think it was clear by this point that Nintendo and Sony were unlikely to regain a good enough working relationship to make this peripheral a reality. Even if it did eventually get released, it would have been way behind the MegaCD and very late in the Super Nintendo's lifespan. It was a wise decision to ultimately scrap it, but even still, I can't help but wonder what the games would have been like...

I'm almost finished Super Star Wars, so look for the next video hopefully in the next few days.

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