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Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Another week, another 4 retro games played! (Well, a week and a half, really, but... c'mon, cut me some slack! Four games!)

What do you think? Are you one of these Streets of Rage 2 lovers that will probably now hunt me down? In all honesty, I prefer Streets of Rage 2 over Final Fight. I think there's more variety in the gameplay, I think the graphics are nicer, and the 2-player mode is nothing to be sniffed at. But seriously, you fight the same dudes about 5,000 times each! It's just shallow, shallow, shallow. So there's my rationale. Take it or leave it. ;-p

Here's this week's ratings...

Any hints or suggestions on how to play Another World or Super Turrican? I've dabbled in both before, but can't say I've ever got very far. There seems to be a lot of debate about whether the Mega Drive or Super Nintendo version of Another World is the superior one. I might try them both out. Ciao for now!

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