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Saturday, March 10, 2012


The counter's gone crazy in the last couple of weeks! Heaps and heaps of visitors! Welcome, if this is the first time you've checked into my blog! The List (TM)  can be found to the upper right, and below it are all the previous posts, dating all the way back to late 2010. And now... (fanfare...) Episode 61! Enjoy!

While I was never much of a Sega fan back-in-the-day, I've come to appreciate some of the Mega Drive's strengths over the last few years. There's no doubt it housed some really great games. But for me it comes down to, Story of Thor is not as good as Zelda, Phantasy Star is not as good as Final Fantasy, Vectorman is not as good as Mega Man, and (gasp!) Sonic is not as good as Mario. There, I said it.   ;-p

The real winners, of course, were those rich kids who had both systems. I had a friend like that. I was so jealous. He even had a Mega CD!

Six episodes left to go! All downhill from here!


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