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Monday, March 5, 2012


Welcome back, one and all. Let's see what was headlining in the latter half of 1995...

Don't forget, if you want to view the bigger pictures full size, you'll want to click on them first and then save them to your hard-drive or something.

It seems almost laughable now that it was just "assumed" Final Fantasy would be on the '64. You've gotta wonder how things would have been different, had Square stuck with Nintendo. FF7 was the game that really sold the PlayStation by the gazillions, so if Nintendo had gone with CDs, would the PS1 be a distant memory now...?

What a bizarre concept! I don't quite understand how the system would have worked. So you'd download Super N.E.S. games on to your BT Set-Top-Box, but how would you play them? Anyway, I just thought tha last paragraph was great: "So is this the future of videogaming? Will we never need to go out and buy a cart again, instead choosing to play remotely from home? Frankly, we doubt it." Welcome to the future, people!!

Hilarious. Remember when websites used to look like that? For the record... Still exists! (Obviously) still exists!
The Town of Final Fantasy no longer exists.
Square still has a website, but it's not the same as this old one.
Intelligent Gamer no longer exists.
Both the Super Nintendo and Ultra64 pages no longer exists. (not surprising really)
The Bomberman WWW Page no longer exists.
Aaaaand the Classic Video Games page no longer exists either. Awwww.

And now moving on into Issue 36...

Ah, the Final Fantasy Ultra64 demo! Here's the full thing... Love the Bahamut summon at the end!

Y'know, as dodgy as that "artist's impression" looks, it's not that far off the mark. In fact, it's pretty accurate!

Super Play had a regular segment called "Final Fantasy Forum," where they would discuss all things FF6. They never really ran out of things to talk about, and for poor PAL saps like me, it was awesome and tantilising at the same time, learning all about this amazing game that we'd never see.

Well, that's it for now. Next vid shouldn't be too far away. In the meantime... here's someone finishing Super Metroid in 12 minutes. (Totally glitchy at the end, but the wall jumping is super-impressive!)

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