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Monday, March 12, 2012


Here we are again, in between videos, and wondering what was happening in the world of gaming around the time that Earthworm Jim and Secret of Evermore were released. Well, wonder no more, for it's time for the...

We're looking at Issues 37, 38 and 39 this week.

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The rumour mill had begun. Could it actually be possible that Seiken Densetsu 3 might NOT be released in the West...?? (The answer, of course, is "yes.") I never did hear what these "bugs" were that Square didn't want to bother fixing. Does anyone know?

Ah, the Mortal Kombat movie. Obviously it's not what you'd call a masterpiece of cinema, but you've gotta admit, it was so much more faithful to its source material than the Mario or Street Fighter movies. I remember thinking it was actually fairly watchable.

Delays, delays, delays. The controller only got one more aesthetic alteration before launch. Can you see what it was? The controller slot was pretty much useless until the rumble pak came out. Sure, you could buy a controller pak to save games (as I did... live and learn, I suppose) but there were only a very small handful of games that even supported it, since most games were just saved to the cartridge.

... And here's pretty much the confirmation. Seiken 3 would stay in Japan. A good bit of detective work there to discover the details though.

I just included this ad because I thought it was funny. This was Nintendo a) trying to pump up its system which was still nowhere near release, and b) trying to desuade people from buying a PlayStation or a Saturn. It's even so bold as to claim that playing a game from a CD will give you an inferior experience. LOL.

A three-page article here on "the competition" that the '64 would face. It's interesting that even at this fairly early stage, the PlayStation had pretty much already written the Saturn off the books. (I didn't even realise the 3DO was still around at this stage... It felt like it only existed for about 3 or 4 months!)

At the same time, I think the press had largely bought into the hype that Nintendo had been spinning about the graphics of its new console. Yeah, it had some definite advantages over the PlayStation (anti-aliasing and more stable textures, for a start) but it wasn't like an entire generational gap. When PS1 graphics were programmed well (see Chrono Cross!) the 3D could look every bit as good as a Nintendo64 game. And when '64 graphics were programmed badly... *shudder*

And a bit of a quiz to finish things off. (How many did you get right?... I got three.)

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