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Monday, October 2, 2017


Hello again!
So the Super N.E.S. Mini is out, and it's pretty rad! I, along with many others, are eagerly awaiting the new release of Hakchi, which should apparently be ready in about a week, so that we can add to the collection of games. I mean, I'll be honest. The 21 included games are mostly fantastic, but there are some major omissions, and some really odd choices. ("Super Ghouls & Ghosts?" Really??)

I think what it comes down to, is that there are just too many amazing games in the Super N.E.S. library, and a collection of 21 is not nearly enough. I have no idea how many games will fit on the machine (I got close to 80 on my N.E.S. Mini, but of course those games are much smaller in size...) but I've already begun preparing. ^_^

One thing that annoyed me quite a bit was that there was no localisation for the PAL regions, in that the box art is all made up of the boring black-box U.S. versions.
When I "upgrade" my system, I want it to feature the more excellent coloured-box versions we got in the PAL regions. So I've been working hard in the Photoshops, sometimes a little too meticulously, creating new covers. Note that none of these are "originals," they are Photoshop recreations that I've made myself, but I've tried as hard as possible to stick to the original designs. Occasionally I have needed to use a little bit of license to fill in some gaps, as it were, and later on in the Super N.E.S.'s life the box design changed, which was annoying, so I've redesigned those boxes to be consistent with the original design. If anyone wishes to use these to make their Mini Super N.E.S. a bit more colourful, feel free! ^_^

Let's begin with the 21 included games, shall we?

1. Super Mario World

2. F-Zero

3. Super Castlevania IV

4. Super Ghouls & Ghosts

5. Contra III
(Yes, I know is was "Super Probotector" in PAL regions... but Contra is cooler...)

6. The Legend of Zelda - A Link To The Past

7. Super Mario Kart

8. Starwing / Starfox
(I know, I know, I just did the opposite of what I did for Contra. Bottom line though, the PAL box art was a thousand times better, and I couldn't make the "Starfox" logo fit properly, so I just left it as "Starwing." Doesn't matter.)

9. Street Fighter II Turbo

10. Secret of Mana

11. Mega Man X

12. Super Metroid

13. Super Punch-Out!!

14. Final Fantasy VI

15. Donkey Kong Country

16. Kirby's Dream Course

17. Earthbound

18. Yoshi's Island

19. Super Mario R.P.G.

20. Kirby Super Star

21. Starfox 2

What do you think of my handiwork? I'm pretty happy with how they turned out. These pictures are actually half the size of my original versions, but even now they're probably twice as big as the size that's needed for the Super N.E.S. Mini. At any rate, feel free to use them! I'll add covers for extra games in the future, and if you have any requests, let me know. I'll see if I can make them up!
Stay cool. Stay retro. :-)

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