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Monday, October 2, 2017


Following on from my previous post, here are 10 games that I hope to add to my Super N.E.S. Mini as soon as I'm able. And here is the box art I'll be able to add them with!

1. Chrono Trigger
(Probably the #1 most requested title to be on the system. While I don't think it's quite as good as FF6, it's definitely one of the greatest 16-bit games ever made, and really should be part of the collection)

2. Donkey Kong Country 2
(Great game, but for me, the weakest part of the trilogy)

3. Donkey Kong Country 3
(... Followed by - in my opinion - a much better game!)

4. Killer Instinct
(Look, the Super N.E.S. port isn't the greatest, but it's still a fun fighting game)

5. Mega Man 7
(Possibly the most divisive Mega Man game! I personally think it's great, but I also agree that the blue bomber lost something on his transition to 16-bit)

6. Mega Man X 2
(Speaking of Mega Man... I like this game ALMOST as much as the original...)

7. Mega Man X 3
(... and this one is nowhere near as good as the other two. It's fine though... and you couldn't very well have the first two X games on the system and ignore the third...)

8. Seiken Densetsu 3
(The fact that one of the Super Famicom's all-time greatest games has STILL never been officially translated is such a tragedy!... There is that fan translation though...)

9. Super Mario All-Stars
(Side note, this is far-and-away the cover I am most proud of, because I had to create the yellow star pattern from scratch in Photoshop, since there simply weren't any good-enough pictures online to do it justice. Took a long time, but it looks just like the real box!) ^_^

10. Terranigma
(Pretty sure this amazing R.P.G. has never had a re-release. It's about time, don't you think?)

So there's 10. I'll add more later.

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