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Monday, October 2, 2017


What's that? You'd like 15 MORE boxes for your Super Nintendo Classic upgrade? Well, I'd be happy to oblige! 

Let's see, this time we will start with...

1. Axelay
(The Super N.E.S. Mini doesn't have any Shmup representation, so this would fit the bill nicely)

2. Demon's Crest
(A relatively unknown Capcom game that's actually pretty good!)

3. Earthworm Jim
(In gameplay terms, this game hasn't aged very gracefully, but its great graphics and sense of humour still rock!)

4. Final Fantasy IV
(A lot of people have super-fond memories of this. Since the first FF game we ever saw in Australia was FF7, I only played through this game well-and-truly after the fact, and while it's definitely a great R.P.G., it's nowhere near as good as the ones that came after it. Speaking of...)

5. Final Fantasy V
(The story is dumb - FF4 has a better story - but the job-based gameplay is absolutely fantastic! The Super Famicom version never came to the west, so you might have to find a fan-translation...)

6. Jurassic Park
(The indoor first-person levels barely even run, but this game still manages to be pretty good. Its biggest problem - no save system - would be remedied with the Super N.E.S. Mini.)

7. Kirby's Dream Land 3
(Those of you playing at home might remember in Episode 67.5 I played the two latter-day Kirby games and found that I really quite enjoyed this one, although it was very odd that it got released so close to Super Star / Fun Pak.)

8. The Magical Quest
(Now we get to a trilogy of games the whole family can enjoy... because they're so easy. Good fun though!)

9. The Magical Quest 2
(The second game was very much more-of-the-same, but it added a 2-player option which is great for playing with the kiddies!)

10. The Magical Quest 3
(I must apologise for this box art - it's awful - but that was seriously the best I could do. The game never got released outside Japan, and there is barely any artwork for it at all online. I took this from the Japanese box, but of course, Japanese Super Famicom boxes were portrait layout. Anyway, this was about as good as I could get it.)

11. Mortal Kombat II
(There'd probably be some debate about which MK game(s) should be on the system. From memory, I actually felt like the 3rd game was the best one, but MKII is definitely the most popular.)

12. Prince of Persia
(Out of the thousands of different versions of this game, I think this was probably my favourite. Konami took Jordan Mechner's game and made it their own.)

13. Tales of Phantasia
(I never got around to finishing this one - it's still on my Pile of Shame - but I did think it was pretty great. I wonder if it might take up too much space on the Super N.E.S. Mini though...)

14. Tiny Toon Adventures: Buster Busts Loose
(This Konami platformer was pretty popular back in its day, but has been largely forgotten over the years.)

15. Unirally / Uniracers
(Did you know that Pixar sued the creators of this game, for allegedly stealing their I.P? And all copies of the game were pulled from shelves, making it quite the rarity?)

That's all for now. I'll put some more up later. Let me know if you have any requests. ^_^

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