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Monday, October 9, 2017


Okay, here's 20 more boxes to finish the collection. If you've got any others that you'd like me to whip up, do let me know. I've had a bit of fun doing this, I won't lie.
1. Bubsy The Bobcat
(Poor Bubsy really hasn't aged well. The graphics are still pretty nice, and the tunes are great, but the gameplay is just so weird and imprecise. Play at thy own risk...)
2. Do-Re-Mi Fantasy
(Meanwhile, this cute little platformer is great! And I can verify that a translated-patched ROM works perfectly on the Super N.E.S. Mini! Huzzah!)
3. Final Fight
(A good port, but outside of the arcade, the game isn't really that great to begin with. Also missing two-player, but might still be worth having in your collection...)
4. The Lion King
(This game goes from good fun to borderline-unplayable, but it's almost worth having just for the excellent graphics.)
5. Micro Machines
(I haven't played much of this, but lots of people seem to love it.)
6. Mortal Kombat
(I put the second game in earlier, so might as well include the others, in case anyone wants them. The first game was revolutionary for its time, but it's really not a very good game.)
7. Mortal Kombat 3
(The third game is much better, but I still don't think it has a fraction of Street Fighter's playability.)
8. Plok
(This game starts as a fantastic fun platformer, and then suddenly becomes a dull collect-a-thon half way through. I never did complete it...)
9. Push-Over
(I'm including this here because it's a great puzzle game, but as of now, I can't seem to get it to work on the Super N.E.S. Mini... It just goes to a black screen and then comes up with a C7 error. Shame. But if it ever does work, here's the box-art for you!)
10. Sim City
(One of the Super N.E.S.'s launch games, and probably my favourite version of this game. Something about that calm, soothing music...)
11. Smash Tennis
(This great tennis game was for Japan and PAL regions only, which made putting it on the Mini tricky. I ended up patching my PAL cart to play as NTSC, and it mostly works. There are some hi-res menus that stretch out, but it's easy to figure your way around it. Also the game seems strangely fast - probably just because I'm so used to playing it in 50Hz!)
12. Sparkster
(This almost-forgotten Konami platformer is pretty darn difficult, but still good fun.)
13. Starfox
(Okay, I said I couldn't make it work, but my O.C.D. side gave in, and I made it work. I couldn't handle having "Starwing" next to "Starfox 2." Hahaha!)
14. Super Adventure Island
(There's not really a whole lot to this game, but it's still good fun.)
15. Super Adventure Island II
(The sequel is a much bigger, much more substantial game, with a few R.P.G. elements thrown in for good measure!)
16. Super Bomberman
(A classic. Too bad you can't have more than two players. But oh well, better than nothing.)
17. Tetris & Dr. Mario
(These are great ports of these puzzle classics. I find that I've been spoiled by modern Tetris however, and I really miss the inventory slot!)
18. Tetris Attack
(You know I hadn't even played this until very recently? It's barely Tetris at all - really a completely different game - but it's really addictive! Definitely worth putting on the system!)
19. TMNT Tournament Fighters
(It's not Street Fighter. But it's about as close as anybody got in the 16-bit era.)
20. Wild Guns
(For a game about crazily shooting everything in sight, this game is surprisingly tactical!)
So there you have it. Pretty sure I've made boxes for all of the main classics. (I've definitely filled up my little system anyway!) Let me know if you want me to make up something I've missed.
Til then, stay cool and enjoy your little mini-Super Nintendos! ^_^

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