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Saturday, August 27, 2011


Whoa! Just logged in today to see that I've passed 4,000 hits! Nice!! Me am happy little blogger. This week's games took a long time to play. This is the last time I'll ever attempt to play 5 video games at the same time! That was dumb.

My cat Peggy had been pestering me for ages to make an appearance on the blog, so I finally agreed, as long as she could sit still next to the Super Nintendo Mousie. Here's the results: Agree? Disagree? Other?

It would have been so easy for Nintendo to do a re-release of Mario & Wario using the Wii Remote instead of the mouse. But that would make sense, and as we all know, Nintendo NEVER makes sense. Oh well, at least Xenoblade should be arriving any day now. *grin*

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