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Monday, August 8, 2011


Let's see what was news back in March / April of 1993.

Super Mega Man... Considering that Mega Man 5 was the most recent game released in America, little did the blue-bomber fans realise that there was still another N.E.S. game to come before the series would be reinvented for the 16-bit generation. That was still a ways off though... And the true "Super Mega Man" - Mega Man 7 - was even further away.

Capcom really loved to tease, hey? Back then people were imagining that within a year they'd be playing Street Fighter III on their Super Nintendos. Again, they were WAY off the mark. They still had Turbo, New Challengers, Super Ultra Ridiculous Edition, Alpha, etc. etc... By the time the real SF3 came along, hardly anyone cared anymore.

(You'll need to click these pictures to view them full-size... they're pretty massive)
This is an interesting insight into the creation of Star Fox / Starwing.

Next episode's not far off at all. Watch this space.

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