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Monday, August 29, 2011


Welcome once again, young and old (if you're reading this, most likely the latter...) to the Super Play Corner. I really love reading these old magazines. I've bought a few more issues off eBay recently, and I reckon I've got about 3/4 of the entire set now. Super Play really was a great magazine to read. Let's see what was cooking over in Issue 9...

(You'll need to click on the below picture to enlarge... it's quite big)

The above is a report on the state of RPGs in Europe & Australasia at the time. Things weren't that great. We didn't even get a Final Fantasy until FF7... Except for the crappy Mystic Quest... Go figure.
(Once again, you'll have to click the picture below to embiggen)

Game Music. (Careful when you say that phrase to people... it might sound like something different... I've got some funny looks in my time...) Even back then there was a small group of people who really appreciated how these musicians enhanced our gaming experience.

Now let's have a look at Issue 10.

This issue had lots of really cool stuff in it. The Consumer Electronics Show had just happened in Chicago (this was the E3 of its day) which meant lots of exciting new game announcements. It almost seems unthinkable that people didn't have the internet to see all the news as it happened. But we would just have to wait a month or two for the magazines to report on it all.

The big news that Super Play seemed to be getting from everyone was that the Super Famicom C.D. drive was pretty much dead. (This would be confirmed in the following issue of the magazine) After a year of oohing and aahing, Nintendo finally decided that it just wasn't worth it, and in doing so created its biggest rival ever in the PlayStation. I think Nintendo definitely made the right decision to can it. But I'd love to go to an alternate universe and see what the games would have been like!
(Click to make the below picture readable)

This is an interview with the general manager of Konami. Interesting what he had to say about Eastern audiences vs. Western audiences. (It's an issue that's still being raised today)

And here's the full report on the C.E.S. event. Have a look at that top-loader N.E.S... They changed the design of the controller before they shipped it to stores!

Hope you've enjoyed another trip down memory lane. How are people going with their own retro-game-playing? Anyone else playing Aero / Mario Is Missing / Gunstar Heroes / Rondo of Blood this week?

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