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Saturday, August 20, 2011


Let's see what was cookin' over in Issue 7 and 8...

Here's an article about role-playing games. (You'll need to click to see the full article, it's quite large)


In issue 7 a character called Neko was introduced. (He's the cute tiger) The idea was that if people subscribed to Super Play, poor Neko wouldn't have horrible things happen to him. It was kinda funny and kinda cute. Poor Neko...

 Here's the official confirmation of Starfox becoming Starwing.

And the official unveiling of Super Mario All-Stars. I won't be covering that in the Year of Retro Gaming (for obvious reasons... I've already covered it!) but All-Stars was one of my most prized carts ever.

Still playing through this week's five games. Shouldn't be TOO long (I hope) before the next episode. Oh, and my copy of Xenoblade should be arriving any day now. Squee!

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