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Thursday, January 12, 2012


Hey all. Here's the next Academy-Award-Nominated episode of the Year(s) of Retro Gaming:

Did you ever play any of these games in 1994? Or perhaps even this week? Did I get the shmups all wrong? Here's the way I saw things...

I've gotta post this. I saw this on ScrewAttack last night and thought it was just too awesome. It's 44 minutes long so you might need to skip a few times, but the idea is, this guy speed-runs Mega Man 2 in front of an audience while a live rock band plays all of the game's music. It's totally geeky and totally AWESOME. I'd love them to do the same to Mega Man 3 or Mega Man X!

Stay cool. (Especially you poor cold Northern Hemisphere folks... I'm off to the sunny beach now. Mwahahaha!)

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