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Friday, January 13, 2012


Hi again. I've been working on something a bit special for the 50th episode tonight. Pretty excited about it.
But for now...

Let's see what was going down towards the end of 1994...

Remember, some of these pictures are large, so you'll probably need to click them and find a way to view them yourself. ("Save As" would work)

This is hilarious. I'm pretty sure in 1994 I wouldn't have had a clue what a modem even was. Online games get lag in this day and age. Imagine playing a fighting game against someone back in 1994, probably on a 14.4k modem! Still, good on them for being forward-thinking.

I'm intregued by this Sound Fantasy thing. It was never released, and there aren't even any "smuggled out of Nintendo" copies circulating around the internet. Miyamoto himself was heavily involved in this. Why did Nintendo pull the plug? It sure looks more entertaining than Wii Music!

The reader-voted annual awards. Some interesting results there!

I was a forward-thinker. No idea why. But I waited until Super SF2 came along before I purchased my copy. Until then I just made do with rentals from the video store. I wasn't bothered that it wasn't the upgraded "Turbo" version from the arcades. All that I was concerned about was that Cammy's butt shot hadn't been censored out!

A two-pager, this one. The first official reveal of Chrono Trigger! And, not surprisingly, a lot of people looked at the character designs and wondered if it was the sequel to Secret of Mana. This got even more confusing when Secret of Evermore was unveiled shortly after!

Another "first look," and this time it's Mega Man X 2. I have no idea what possessed Capcom to pursue that whole wire-frame DSP chip thing. You could hardly say it really enhanced the MMX games' graphics or made them look better.

Well, there you have it. New ep should probably be up in a few days. Episode 50! Look forward to it!

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