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Saturday, January 14, 2012


Wow, has it really been 50 episodes now? I suppose it has.

Hope you like the little "tribute" at the end. Click here to listen to the full version of the music over at OverClocked ReMix. It is, of course "The Moon" music from DuckTales. Here's this week's games...

SO. Now that the N.E.S. is put to bed for the year, did you recognise all of those games? There are two games in the video that I didn't play this year. Do you reckon there are any others that I missed out on? Let me know, and I might try and have a "catch up" at the end. No promises though, I've still got a lot to play through!

If you'd like a laugh, here's what the Angry Video Game Nerd thought of the 32X...

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