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Monday, January 30, 2012


Ding! Ding! Ding!
I say, what's that signal? (There's a signal now...?) It must be time for the...

Let's see what was happening in the world of gaming when I was about to start Year 10 in high school.
(I am so old...) *sob*

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Oh boy... Virtual Boy, that is... This was the official unveiling at the Shoshinkai Show in Japan. And it sounds like the thing was pretty much doomed as soon as it was shown. What the hell were Nintendo thinking? Seriously? I mean, they were looking into new technologies, that's awesome. But this should never have got out of the design phase. Having said that, I'd still love to own one for collectors' sake! ^_^

Sugoi desu ne!! ^_^
(These are probably selling for thousands on eBay now...)

Ooh! Miyamoto-san's working on a Nintendo64 game that's like Pilotwings!
(Eh... that'd be Pilotwings 64, genius...)
I really enjoyed that game back in the day, but I'm a bit scared to play it now, for fear that it might not be anywhere near as good as I remember it...

The PAL N64 was certainly better than the Super NES in terms of ugly black borders, but it still wasn't perfect. I played FF6 through a convertor on my Super NES back in the day. (Well, it was FFIII, but you get the idea) and yeah, there were a few issues. I still managed to get through the whole thing though. I remember sometimes the menu would be all black and some things couldn't be seen. The worst part though was the opera. Because that scene is actually TIMED, and the game is running 17% SLOWER, it would kinda crash when the timecodes didn't match up. I did get through it, but I had to have lightning-fast fingers to choose what Celes had to sing.
Playing games through convertors was obviously far less than ideal, but hey - we wouldn't HAVE to do that if the games just got released here in the first place!!

A quick report on Shoshinkai and how Nintendo ballsed up the Virtual Boy reveal by having a product that nobody liked. Oh well, at least the Japanese public were starting to get pumped for Chrono Trigger. (Only a few more weeks until I get to play it again!) :-)

OK, this is a bit of a WTF moment right here...
So Sega had a hit with Virtua Fighter. So Argonaut thought they could replicate its success with the Super FX chip...? When the Saturn and PlayStation were already out in Japan...? I guess it's not surprising that this game never got released. It would have surely been awful.

So there you have it. New episode hopefully up in a day or two, but work goes back tomorrow (eurgh!!) so things might start slowing down a bit...

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