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Friday, January 27, 2012


(Hehehe... see what I did there...?)
Here is the FINAL Final Fantsy for the year. Game be epic, yo. Took ages, but here it is.

Also, I found a fan-made anime of Final Fantasy VI on YouTube. It's surprisingly high-quality for something completely unofficial. Just goes to show how much people love these characters and story.

Anyway, I guess it goes without saying...

I'm always changing my mind about what my favourite Final Fantasy game is. It's definitely gotta be between FF6, FF8 and FF9.
FF7 started off amazing but went crap in the second half.
FF10 traded good characters and plot for voice acting. That, and it started the whole "run-in-a-straight-line-to-the-finish" mentality.
FF11 and FF14 are different beasts entirely. FF11 sucked 4 years out of my life though...
FF12 was amazing, but hardly felt like a Final Fantasy game at all.
And FF13... Well, the graphics are nice...

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  1. still got solar jetman on your todo list? i loved it both as a kid and adult but i have a sneaking suspicion that my adult love of it was nostalgia tainted.