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Thursday, February 9, 2012


I've now put 13 of my videos on to GameTrailers. And I tell you what... it's a good thing I've got a pretty thick skin! Over the past year I've got lots of positive feedback from people on the blog, on ScrewAttack and on my YouTube pages, people who really appreciate the work it takes to make these videos, and share my love of revisiting classic games. Over at GameTrailers... Wow, they're brutal! Super, super critical. I'm the first the admit the first 6 or 7 episodes weren't that great, but man, people seem to want to rip me to shreds for having an opinion or for daring to make videos of old games! Amazing. Anyways, I don't make videos for nasty critical people like that, so I really don't care if they enjoy them or not.

Having said that... Here's Episode 55 and The Illusion of Gaia / Time / Whatever! :-)

I did consider for quite a while whether or not this game "stood" the test of time. It's certainly not as good as Mana, Final Fantasy or many other 16-bit RPGs. But at the end of the day, despite its faults, I still enjoyed playing it, even a bit more so than Soul Blazer, and I said that it stood.

12 episodes to go!!


  1. dont stop cuz of the haters. i really enjoy your work.

  2. just hurry up and do solar jetman :P

  3. The folks at Gametrailers are a crazy american bunch of guys and gals, they love and hate everything in equal measure. I enjoy your videos, keep it up =)