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Sunday, February 19, 2012


Hey all.
First of all, a bit of a heads-up. I started working on the next video tonight, and it's going to easily be the longest one yet. Good thing YouTube lets me upload movies longer than 10 minutes now! (I'm anticipating about 13 mins for this one) What can I say, I've just got a lot to waffle about!

So now on to the...

Tonight I shall be drawing from the following two sources:

So here we go... (Remember to click on the pictures and then save them first, if you want to view them full-size)

The Ultra64 officially unveiled. (But not the controller) It says here that the design wasn't finalised, but from where I'm standing, that was exactly the machine we got, minus the logo. I know the 3D "N" logo was kinda cool, but I really dig this Art-Deco-style Ultra64 logo. 'Scool.

Pffff. Handheld? It was a poor man's gaming back then. Imagine if we could go 17 years into the past and show these guys a PlayStationVita! I find it baffling that in one of those pictures someone is playing the GameBoy version of Street Fighter on the Super GameBoy. Why would anyone do that? Why?? Just play the real thing instead!!

And this, dear friends, is why Nintendo made so much money. Wow, they were rip-off merchants! It's crazy to think that £16 of every game sold went straight into Nintendo's pockets, even if they had nothing to do with the game's development! I wonder how much their royalty fees are now.

E3 1995. Super Play mentions no news about Final Fantasy V. They forgot to mention that Starfox 2 had dropped completely off the radar at this point, about the time it was due to be released! More about that later this week!

Some info about the creation of Seiken Densetsu 3. Amazing that Kikuta-san didn't go on compose more soundtracks. His Mana music is wonderful! Love how this article says "an American translation is inevidible." It sure is, but not a translation by Square!!

I wonder what ended up getting sacrificed for Cinder to make the cut on Super N.E.S... perhaps some frames of animation...?

I reckon the N64 controller did raise a fair few eyebrows when it was eventually revealed. What a weird beast it was. I reckon eyebrows were raised even higher at the Wii controller's reveal though. I'm pretty sure I saw the first picture, gave an enormously loud "HA!" followed by, "No way. No waaaaay!"

Hit or Miss? I'm afraid it was just a big massive miss. I reckon once I return from my round-the-world holiday later this year I might see if I can import one though. Just for collectors' sake, and to see what it actually looks like inside those goggles. If the blog's still going, I'll post impressions. It won't be anytime soon though.

Stay cool folks!

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