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Tuesday, February 14, 2012


I've come to a decision. I'm going to play EarthBound until Thursday and then, no matter where I'm up to, I'm going to stop and make the video. The game is huge, and if I keep playing it (as much as I'm enjoying it) it's going to take me all year! In the meantime...

Just remember that Blogspot likes to resize the larger images, so if the text looks too small, save the image first and then view it outside of the browser. There's a lot to read today, so break out the popcorn and set yourself up for a trip down memory lane. First up, let's check out Issue 31...

It's pretty crazy to think of how much control Nintendo had on the market back then. I suppose it was the Nintendo64 that gave them a wake-up call. The industry had grown to such a size, they couldn't possibly maintain the stranglehold anymore.

It's pretty laughable now. There's no way the Nintendo64 delivered on all of those promises. Around the time this was published, I was imagining video games that looked as good as the special effects in Terminator 2. Look at a N64 game now... nup, not quite...

Did the Akira game ever actually get released? Sounds awful! (It was THQ after all, I think "awful" was all they knew how to do...)

No Veebies Until Summer... Or At All...

HEY LOOK, it's teh interwebz!! Remember when web sites were basic text pages like these? And they took about 5 minutes to load on a 14.4k modem? (sigh) Oh, how far we have come! I can still remember the first time I entered a chat room. My mind was blown that night. Talking to someone ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE PLANET! *kaboom*

Next up we're checking out Issue 32.

Here we have the start of a wonderful relationship: Nintendo and Rare.
On a related note, I read this really interesting article over at EuroGamer about "What Went Wrong" with Rare and where they stand today. Good read.

Ahhhh, the Street Fighter movie. I can remember feelings of absolute confusion coming out of that film. It was Street Fighter, so I supposed I enjoyed it. I saw all the characters, however warped they appeared. And I mean... Cammy was played by Kylie!!
But... I also felt like the movie was... well, kinda terrible. In all honesty, I haven't watched it at all since that day in the cinemas. It might come under the "So Bad It's Awesome" category now, I don't know.

Interesting 3-page interview with Shiggy. Don't you love how the world's top game designer isn't really a gamer himself? His favourite video game is freakin' Pac Man! On the one hand, that's awesome since he can look at things from a completely fresh angle. On the other hand, he can sometimes completely misjudge where the industry is at and where it's headed. (Hello, Wii Music!)

Lucky last, a quick article about Akihabara. Every month Super Play would have the "Live From Hell City" segment, talking about Japan and the culture there. I'm most excited about it because I'm going to (finally!!) see Tokyo with my own eyes in June this year. I can't wait to experience Akihabara and its insanity!!

Hope you found that all entertaining! Catch ya!!

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