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Saturday, December 17, 2011


Good news, everyone!

I finished Skyward Sword!!

Wonderful game, but definitely not the greatest in the series. It just doesn't reach the greatness of A Link To The Past or Twilight Princess. I might detail some more of my thoughts another time. I managed to kind of cheat my way through the last boss fight by using the invincible potion. Minimum skill required FTW!

Anyway, back to retro gaming, and back to Super Play!

To see the pictures full-size you'll need to click on them. Blogspot's crappy new image viewer doesn't seem to let you view them in their full size, but if it's showing up too small, just save the picture and view it outside of your browser.

These next two pages are part of the same article.

Man, how lucky was that kid? That would have been such a surreal experience! The "Sound Fantasy" game that they discuss here was never released, although it must have come close, since Wikipedia has pictures of its Japanese and North American box-art!

It's also funny that the writer was relatively underwhelmed with Super Metroid. I suppose it's not completely surprising. The first two games were good, but hardly all-time classics. No one was quite prepared for the brilliance that the third game would show. 

Also interesting is what Miyamoto says towards the end of the article. They were probably working on Pilotwings 64 in the building that day, but it hadn't officially been announced yet! I'm also guessing that "sort-of-sequel" to Super Mario World he was hinting at was Yoshi's Island.

Speaks for itself, really. We know where all of those stories and games ended up.

Rumours, rumours, so many rumours! 

Did anyone ever have a Super GameBoy? I borrowed a friend's once, and thought it was cool, but I remember not really seeing the point, since the reason for HAVING the GameBoy was that it was PORTABLE. At any rate, I got the GameBoy Player for the Cube, and I loves it! ^_^

I've never seen one of those N.E.S. convertors, but I'd kinda like one...

There's another couple of issues of Super Play. The next episode should be up in a couple of days (hopefully) and now that Zelda's out of the way I should have a bit more time to fit some more retro gaming in. Hope your 2011 is drawing towards a happy and successful close!

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