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Sunday, December 4, 2011


Welcome, one and all. I'm feeling generous, so here ya go, you can have two issues of Super Play for the price of one! Bargain!!


Love that Issue 18 cover. One of my favourites. Let's see what was happening in the pages of early 1994...

As it turns out, that isn't how the ratings ended up here in Aus. We had G (general, meaning everyone could play), G8+ (similar to G, but recommended for older kids), M15+ (for mature gamers) and MA15+ (restricted... you had to be 15 to buy the game.)

Since then it's had a minor change. The G8+ rating has been changed to PG (parental guidance recommended) which makes sense, because the games ratings now match what we have for films. There's still no R18+ rating here, but it's an ongoing debate and we seem to be getting closer and closer to having it. It's the stupidest thing, these high-horse politicians claim that by allowing R-rated games into Australia we'll be exposing our kids to inappropriate material. The fact of the matter is, these games are already being released into Australia, getting an MA-rating and being sold to 15-year-olds! Anyways, enough ranting.

(You'll have to click on these two pages to see them bigger)
Ahhh, the wacky Japs. I'm super-excited to finally visit Japan next year and hopefully get to see all these crazy vending machines and arcades that I've heard about for so long!

Continuing on from the ratings story in the previous issue, Europe got its ratings system in early 1994 as well. WTF is with that TV mascot? Looks like a 10 year-old designed it!

Ever played Nintendo on an aeroplane? I haven't. :-( Well, excluding when I bring my own onboard...

(Click to make it bigger)
Ahhhh, Japanese culture! Bring on June 2012 when I can see it all with my own eyes!

So there you have it. Once I finish playing through Wario Land I'll post up a new episode, but... well, y'know, I'm still going pretty heavy with Skyward Sword, and Mario Kart 7 just got released. Too... much... gaming... Must be about time to take a holiday from work! Ciao for now!

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