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Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Welcome again, young and old!

As the year draws to a close, let's cast our minds back about 17-and-a-half years ago (I think my maths is right...) and see what was happening in the world of gaming.

Remember, if you want to see the scans full-size you'll need to click on them. This then takes you to Blogspot's dumb picture-viewer, which still scales them down. So you'll either have to paste the picture's URL into your browser's Address Bar, or else save the image and just view it from your computer.

The 32-bit "Virtual Reality" machine talked about here is, of course, the Virtual Boy, one of Nintendo's most notorious flops. I've never seen one in the flesh; after its crash-and-burn status in Japan and America, a European and Australasian release just never happened. I've heard all the horror stories, but I'd still love to see one for myself. Perhaps when I'm over in the States next year I might be able to find one somewhere...

The hidden character in Super Street Fighter II X wasn't Shen Long, it was Akuma! But since he was a brand new character, it could easily have bene guessed that he was the urban myth made flesh.

Poor PAL gamers. The entire Final Fantasy series eluded us until it hit the PlayStation.

The first whispers of Donkey Kong Country and the Advanced Computer Modelling that would revolutionise the aging 16-bit games industry.

And the next generation is REVEALED! It sounds like people had an inkling that the PS1 might have been successful, but I don't think anyone could possibly have imagined HOW successful. Who would have thought that both Nintendo and (especially) Sega would be completely hung out to dry by the newcomer? You have to admit though... The PS1 was an ugly machine. Looks like it was ripped off a starship console in the first Star Wars movie or something.

I was never into the whole "cheating" scene. I knew that Game Genies and Action Replays were around, but I always kind of turned my nose at them. It seemed unethical to change the game's code to cheat! Even still, it's very clever (and beyond my pitiful technical understanding) as to how it actually works.

New episode in a couple of days. (I hope) If not, happy new year!!

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